What We Do

Waruka Girls Network # Girls Ahead

Sport and Play based activity offering psychosocial support to teenage girls. This is an ongoing program supported by our partner, Swiss Academy for Development (SDA). Sports to us encompass life long learning skills, from infancy we all learn better through play. Challenges faced by girls in their daily lives can be addressed by basic skills acquired through sports, ultimately shaping their future.
Our Target Group includes vulnerable and at often ones dealing with trauma- girls aged 8 to 18 years.
Themed discussions are associated with sporting activities. which opens the floor for interactive discussions based on life learnings cycle. We use an experiential learning approach. Solution driven discussions held during and after a Sport and Play activity for life skills is an integral part of the process. Life skills- as we define and use them as part of our experiential learning at Waruka Trust Academy, are used to promote adaptive and constructive behaviour with an end goal to enable young people to deal effectively with the demands and challenges they face in their everyday life.
The three steps discussion we use at Waruka Trust Academy‘s Sport and Play activities consists of
  • Reflecting on the activity
  • Connecting what was experienced during the activity to similar experience from participants’ lives. This involves generalizing the experience of the game and making it applicable to lived experiences,
  • Exploring how participants can apply the lessons learnt from the activity/ies to self/group made solutions to challenges they experience in their life.
The discussions helps the participants realise that despite whatever challenges they face, the final solution and way out lies with them and also teaches peer support. Scientific evidence shows that being active and taking time to reflect maximises the learning process.