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Arthanas Matongo Founder of Waruka Trust Academynd Director of Waruka Trust Academy

Founder and Director: Arthanas Matongo

I was born in a family were we suffered the loss of our siblings, because of Child, early forced marriages. My 3 sisters were married off aged between 12 to 16 years. One committed suicide, one died from an AIDS-related illnesses and fortunately one is living positively with HIV. I was too young and helpless to stop my sisters from being married of young. The experience left me with a lot of anger, every time it happens, the same also happened to some of my friends too. I used to run so hard without noticing either my speed or distance, as a way of dealing with my anger, and this became the beginning of my career on athletics.
I became a middle- and long-distance International Athlete and was fortunate to get international exposure. Sadly, I left my sisters and thousands other teenage girls behind this sad reality. Now my perspective on harmful practices and traditions gave me the drive to start Waruka Trust Academy, A social venture fighting and preventing child marriages and sexual exploitations.
I went on to study Leadership in Social Change at kanthari, in Trivandrum, Kerala, India in 2017. kanthari is a center, which equips participants from all over the world with techniques, methods and practical ideas needed to start up and run relevant social impacts in their own countries through intensive experiential training.
In February 2018, I was appointed to be the Swiss Academy for Development’s Sports Ambassador in Zimbabwe, a position I am determined to use for the betterment of the Zimbabwean girl child from deprivation of equal opportunities. You can read more about this position by clicking here